Born 1938 in Saginaw, Michigan, Bill graduated Parkin (Arkansas) High School in 1955.  He was a tai-captain in 1959 Southwest Conference Championship. The team included: Future Pro Football Hall of Famer Lance Alworth - All American 1961, running back, punter, receiver with Barry Switzer    Wayne Harris  (180 pounds) - All American 1960 center and linebacker and QB James Jim Mooty - (170 pounds) - All American 1959 running back

Monroe, Viet Nam    Barry Switzer - (185 pounds) - 1959 Second team center and linebacker Green Beret

Turned down professional football offers, but was shown interest by Pittsburgh Steelers and was drafted by Denver Broncos


Military service notes of interest:

"I always wanted to fly high-performance aircraft. I visited recruiting offices for Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. I decided then, I wanted to fly off carrier ships. Between the Navy and Marines, my decision was the United States Marine Corps because of our Esprit de Corps. 

I planned to retire from the Corps, however I didn't take into consideration that I was having to change duty stations in the middle of a school year for my son. That was the only factor for my deciding to separate from service...……….and it broke my heart!"

"When I first joined ​Freedom Sings USA and began telling my story to the group, they welcomed me in like a long-lost brother and helped me to heal my mind.  Memories and emotions I'd buried deep thirty years ago began to pour out, inspiring the words and music in this song, a story about the silent warriors of Air Force airborne intelligence operations."

                         Rick Gehrke

Who Freedom  Sings USA is.

"What I Was Saved For"